Fuckbook Girl

Here’s a long story about a girl i met on Fuckbook sometime ago:

So 9PM rolls up and it’s Saint Patrick’s Day. I should have been out making things happen and making gravy. Luckily My friend named Jason calls and he wants to make it up to me for the other day when my ex gf pounced on my ass and attacked me at his house. He asks me if I want to go to his mini party, its low key and his gf has some friends round. Plus it’s Saint Patricks Day and any reason to drink is a reason to party for Jason, so I am in. I decide to invite this girl who I had been talking to on Fuckbook for awhile because I knew she was in the area. I text her and she agrees to meet me there, so I just chill out till she arrives.

9:30 rolls up and I hear the weakest knock on the door that I have ever heard in my entire life. I open the door in excitement expecting Fuckbook girl to show up. But to my surprise, stood at the door with that big cute face and that oversized jumper which almost fit her perfectly, her lip gloss sparkling in my eyes creating an almost luminous disco effect that would even blind a Japanese anime addict. Seductively she lures me over with her eyes, swirling her metallic hips as she glides to the music, beer in one hand, cigarette in other. She was 300 pounds of pure honey and tonight she was going to be my obstacle…

I am greeted by Jason and his girlfriend who are pretty wrecked out their faces “Happy St Patrick’s day!” We all dance to a weird Irish song that is on and I do the leprechaun dance, fun times.
Then almost like pure magic… I see Fuckbook girl outside just about to knock on the door… Her tits were huge… Her face was perfect… I was captivated. It was there and then I knew why she was here. This beautiful ray of light was sent down for one simple mission and one mission only “Fuck Adam.”

I almost didn’t see her, maybe it was because I was in the zone and dancing to the future sex sounds of Justin Timberlake. Or maybe it was because she was hiding behind the 300 pound torso that was blocking the door way.
I approach her with a “Hey my name is Adam.” She is super happy and tells me her name. (I’d rather call her Fuckbook girl)
I get her to dance with me and I turn up the sexual amp by slapping my dick through my trousers and onto her leg while she grinds me “Slap her with a dick, Slap her with a dick.”

She is having fun but simply isn’t hooking at this point. The music track changes and she goes to have a cigarette and I am greeted by the 300 pound and her beautiful wave of smoke and tobacco stains on her shirt. She wants to dance and why not? I am not fatist. After all I am overweight and rein a Buddha belly myself. She is like a sister from another mother. We are having fun and I feel that she is attracted to me by the way she is kneeling down and getting out of breath to make out she is sucking my dick and when she rises up, gasping for breath, it is simply poetic.

Parker arrives and I greet him with a hug. He is my arch nemesis from my ex gf’s days but it seems he has hit rock bottom with his girl cheating on him. I motivate him like Tony Robbins by throwing in a few high fives and “You can do it!” and he is up having fun. Fat chick comes in and starts grinding on him, it’s like a disturbed scene from an Usher music video…. I go see were Fuckbook girl is.

Her smile is perfect and her energy is great. I can tell this girl is high self esteemed, she isn’t falling for my seduction and I know what I have to do. I do the lying test on her, basically it is where you hold their arms and when they lie, their pulse beats faster than normal. She is hooked. I make it all sexual by asking her questions like “Have you ever had sex with another girl?” I made out that she was lying and teased her. She was opening up more and the passion was forming.

Parker seemed down and depressed so I went over to him and we talked. I told him about my failed relationship, he heard what she did to me and found it amusing. We hang out for awhile, I am trying to be Mr Motivator but I am captivated and I want to have Fuckbook girl, so I am conflicted. But bro’s come before ho’s and we have fun. Jason comes over and shows Parker a YouTube video.
I go back to the girl and she is playfully trying to take my hat off. Fat girl sees this and she is like “Guys    ” I can tell she was going to be an obstacle. So I bring fat girl into the conversation and be-friend her. We talk about what it would be like if Paris Hilton was bald and living in the woods like Rambo. Now both of them are trying to get my hat. I whisper to the obstacle that I think Fuckbook girl is cute and that I want to kiss her. She tells me that she talked to her and found out that she has a bf but doesn’t like him and likes me better, but will see what she can do. She asks me to hook her up with Parker because she likes him.

FUCK! I am not doing that. I wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy! I rub her hair and say “You’re cute, you should go dance with him.” So I get them to dance and have fun while I move in on Fuckbook girl.

The funny thing is Fuckbook girl hasn’t even mentioned her boyfriend at this point and she is giving me that sexual look but I feel a little nervous and it’s like I am not attached to the outcome but I am drawn to her. So she asks me what I do for a living, I tell her I’m training to be a coach. I tell her about coaching and she is interested in what I have to say. I show her a few tricks like, making her feel dizzy with eye patterns and I show her how she can have an orgasm just through the nerve fibres of her palm.

I am rubbing her palm and I tell her that every time she breathes in to imagine that feeling expanding bigger and bigger and every time that she breathes in she wouldn’t be able to control it and it’s just going to get bigger till it explodes. She doesn’t start orgasming but she starts getting really horny and her eyes go all high and I can’t help but say “Haha… you look fucking stoned.”

She looks at me and I look at her, our eyes sparkle and almost in sync like out of some cheesy ass movie in where the characters profess their never ending dying love for each other…. we kiss. I put “the kiss” on her and she is melting, her bottom lip shivers in excitement and I don’t want this moment to end, it is beautiful and poetic.

Everyone is having fun and we are holding each other in our arms and having fun and kissing and rubbing each other. I start calling her Twatface and Knucklehead and she puts on this cute face. We whisper to each other and I tell her that she should come to my house to watch this funny video on YouTube, when deep down the only thing that I’m going to show her is my dick. I tell everyone that we are going and fat chick is all in love for Parker while he is like ignoring her and we set off into the night like Shrek and Fiona.

On the way to my place I bump her into lamp posts and just literally tease her like the little retard that she is. We get outside of my place and we make out and I look up to the sky, it is a beautiful night. So I get an idea and I go upstairs to get a cover and she gets confused. I take her out to my backyard and lay the cover down and beckon her to sit with me.

I start to look up to the stars with her and point to a star and say things like “That’s the penis because it’s small and it looks like mine.” She laughs and says “I bet you haven’t got a small penis.” Now normally I would whip my dick out, but I am enjoying the moment, so I just smile. But she starts to undo my trousers and says “Prove it.” I tell her that it is simply forbidden and that if she were to touch it she would be a very bad girl. I try and pass my ring off as a celibacy ring like I was a member of the Jonas Brother, but it doesn’t work. She gets hornier and I unleash my inner animal instincts and I get my dick out and she starts to play with it. I get her tits out but we are cold and my dick feels like it’s a fishing rod in the Antarctic so I move this into my bedroom.

Then she starts to tell me how no guy has ever made her cum and how that maybe I will be the one to make her cum. She starts going all submissive and wants me to control her. I ram her against the bed, whip on my condom and start teasing her. I tell her to count to 10 and she will feel my 5 inch dick penetrate her so fucking hard. She counts to 10 and I tease her by getting up and leaving, but she starts to pull me back and molests me. I make her tight pussy cum so hard she feels like a fully peaked sexual woman, the woman she desires and deserves to be.

It gets to around 2 am and she gets a phone call and it’s her BF. This is shattering my mind the fact that girls will sleep with you regardless of their BF, but I know that if they had a great BF they wouldn’t be cheating or that makes her a shit person. But this girl is getting shit from her BF and she is like “I will come on-line soon… I promise.”

Turns out her boyfriend lives in Oxford and comes down like once a month. I find out that she is dating more than just one guy and is a little bit of playerette. She tells me she has to go but she wants my msn instead of just talking on Fuckbook so that she can show me something cool.

So later on I get my ass on msn and she pops on and starts sending me kinky ass pictures of her naked from her webcam. Then she starts to tease me by putting her webcam up and she wants me to dominate her. I am like “Get your top off.” “Show me your tits!”
Great night! I am into this girl but I don’t know if I’ll go out with her because simply I know as a man that I crave variety and that I am destined for more girls.

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